Competition? Not even close! Discover how the Ford Truck and SUV lineup stands out from the rest!

Compare Ford SUV and Truck Models to Their Rivals

When you're on the hunt for a tough, reliable vehicle that can handle your most demanding work, you don't have to search for very long when you browse Ford models at Landmark Ford Trucks East. Ford models are built to last and handle just about anything you throw at them regardless of what your definition of "work" might be. But how do you know which Ford model is right for you? How does the Ford lineup fare when presented with your personal driving needs and desires and how do Ford models stack up against their competition?

Here at Landmark Ford Trucks East, we strive to match our customers with the perfect Ford model so you can relish every moment that you spend in the driver's seat. To accomplish this goal and assure the complete satisfaction of drivers near Springfield, we work to provide as much information as we can about our spectacular selection of Ford models so you can make informed decisions going forward with your next purchase or lease. Of course, while we're happy to sing the praises of our favorite Ford models, we know that our customers want to know what Ford is up against in order to fully understand what makes the brand special.

That's where our model comparisons come into play. We don't just focus our attention on Ford models; we keep a close eye on the automaker's toughest competition and pit like-vehicles against each other to see which ones come out on top so you can easily gather all the information you need before you make a decision.

Do you spend most of your time commuting, cruising around town, or planning weekend outings? You can find plenty of Ford SUVs to make your time behind the wheel as breezy or exciting as you wish. Stylish, functional, dependable, and dynamic, Ford SUVs make excellent companions on the road no matter where you go. Looking for more muscle? Find out how beloved Ford trucks perform compared to other trucks on the road.

See how top Ford vehicles stand up to their rivals when you click through our model comparisons for a quick glimpse at how these spectacular vehicles edge out their competition!

Ford Escape

If you need an agile vehicle that can handle your passengers and extra gear while still allowing you to slip easily into parking spaces, the Escape might be the perfect fit. This compact SUV offers a selection of impressive engines, plenty of room, and the up-to-date technology features you need to stay connected, entertained, and safe on the road.

Ford Edge

Looking for a spacious two-row SUV with plenty of updated safety and technology features on top of ample room for passengers and cargo? This mid-size SUV is a well-rounded choice that offers the space and versatility you need without bogging you down with a third row. Marvelously fuel-efficient and surprisingly nimble, the Edge is designed to provide a dynamic, yet easygoing ride.

Ford Expedition

Ever wished that the Ford F-150's aluminum benefits were available in SUV form? Consider your wish granted. The Expedition's aluminum construction cuts down considerably on this full-size SUV's weight without making durability sacrifice. Its lighter body makes it easier to maneuver and adds a boost to fuel economy, letting you take full advantage of its wealth of space and strength.

Ford Explorer

If you frequently find yourself scrounging for extra passenger and cargo space, scrounge no more. The seven-seater Explorer has plenty of room for friends and family and an array of trim levels and engine options to cater to your specific needs. With ample horsepower and a stylish, upscale design, this SUV is as adaptable to your lifestyle as it is capable on the road.

Ford F-150

When it comes to handling your light-duty work with aplomb, the ever-popular F-150 pickup truck is ready for just about anything. With three available cab styles and three beds to choose from, it has the variety you need to match perfectly with the type of work you need it to do. A great selection of engine choices, a durable aluminum body, a truly stunning towing capacity, and a broad range of trim levels help to make the F-150 the ideal companion for work and play.

Ford F-Series Super Duty

Need extra muscle? A lot of it? Step into the Ford F-250 or F-350 Super Duty and make easy work of your toughest jobs. Whether you're towing trailers, hauling heavy work materials, or pulling along RVs, the Super Duty line of heavy-duty pickup trucks has the strength and skill you need to carry thousands of pounds worth of your equipment and big toys. With plenty of features to help you manage your loads safely and efficiently, these trucks are made to tackle just about anything you throw at them head-on.

Ford Flex

The aptly-named Flex is a unique amalgamation of SUV utility and minivan ease of access, drawing from the finer elements of both types of vehicle and offering a stunningly versatile automobile. Roomy and comfortable, the Flex can be set up to seat six or seven people. Plenty of technology and amenities help to ensure that everyone who rides with you stays relaxed and occupied. Precise driving manners, a lineup of excellent engine choices, and great towing potential make the Flex the perfect choice if you can't decide between an SUV or a minivan.