Durable, adaptable, and capable of meeting a broad range of needs, the Ford Explorer has been a top-selling SUV for quite some time. Built to carry up to seven passengers comfortably and with ample space for storing cargo, the Ford Explorer makes an excellent family vehicle. Still, it's just as good for hauling tools and equipment to work.

Chatham drivers can take the Explorer on all their adventure travels to experience its superior handling and its ability to negotiate nearly all types of terrain capably. At Landmark Ford Trucks East, we want to share several reasons why a used Ford Explorer may be right for you.

A Used Ford Explorer Will Save You Money and Provide Optimum Value

The benefits of buying a used SUV are myriad, especially when you choose a used option from Ford. Ford vehicles have a reputation for being built to last. Moreover, previously owned Ford vehicles have already experienced their initial depreciation. As such, a used Ford Explorer will retain far more of its value when you drive it off the lot. Additionally, by paying less upfront for your next SUV, Auburn drivers can enjoy lower registration fees and lower insurance costs.

Customize Your SUV To Suit Your Needs and Tastes

It's also important to note that brand new SUVs often come with extras that cost additional money, and that might not be in line with what shoppers need. From protective films and pinstripes to anti-rust coatings, you can side-step these additions and spend your money on customizing your SUV exactly as you want. This is the most cost-effective way to get a vehicle that's perfectly in line with your lifestyle and tastes.

Feel Good in Your New-To-You SUV

You can find a used Ford Explorer near Auburn with the base V6 engine for excellent power and a smooth, comfortable ride. Newer models have the dynamic EcoBoost engine that offers better fuel economy and impressive torque. Best of all, the Ford Explorer looks just as good as it performs. With comfortable leather interior upholstery, innovative technologies, and plenty of convenience features, this pre-owned Ford SUV is undeniably fun to drive.

Our used Ford Explorers are well-maintained and guaranteed to meet our high-quality standards. To schedule a test drive, drop by Landmark Ford Trucks East today.

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