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The Seasons Are Changing, and It's Time to Service Your Ford Truck -- What's Recommended?

Whether you're the proud owner of a Ford F-150 or hauling in a Super Duty&#;xae;, you know the importance of winterization, especially for the Springfield, IL area. But it's just as crucial to get your pickup ready for the other seasons. What are the best maintenance practices for spring and summer, you may ask?

That depends, for one, on your mileage and the kind of driving you do, whether you tow, frequently idle, go off-road, or just cruise the highway. The best time for truck service, regardless of season, is about every 10,000 to 20,000…

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Looking for a Used Truck Dealer in Springfield, IL? See Why More Drivers Prefer Landmark Ford Trucks East

Considering your options among used trucks here in the Springfield area, a few things have probably jumped out at you. For one, none has a price set by its manufacturer. They vary widely across the board, meaning you can find a ton of value at an affordable sales tag. Secondly, choices among both brands and models abound, making for many more options to choose from than among new trucks. Finally, you probably realized that you could get more for just about any investment if you buy used: if a pickup's pre-owned, in other words, it'll tend to have…

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Schedule your seasonal service appointment today

Winter is right around the corner here in the Springfield area. Landmark Ford Trucks Center is here to help drivers in the area and our existing customers prepare for snowy, unpredictable weather in whatever way we can.


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It's important to stay safe as well as comfortable when you drive during the winter months. Our service and parts center is always ready to h

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